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Pratik traders is a full service Monsoon tarpauline rainshade supplier established in 1947 , Dwarka Das Ranchoddas Gotecha in the name Grah Vastu Bhandar . Pratik traders gained solid years of experience in developing and managing Temporary Rainshade in Maharashtra operates under The name of Grah Vastu Bhandar (Gotecha Group) later change to Pratik Traders by Pratik Gotecha.

Pratik Traders is a well integrated Tarpauline rainshade supplier company. Our combined efforts enable us to complete the diverse needs of our clients and wish to develop new business relations all across the globe.

Pratik Traders continues to grow and is now considered one of Mumbai’s professional specialists that provide a wide range of service.

232 Satisfied Customers
80 Released Projects
10,000 Hours Of Support
15 Hard Workers

Welcome to Pratik Traders

Pratik Traders is a well integrated Trapauline rainshade supplier company in mumbai.

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Tarpauline Suppliers

Tarpauline is also known as tarp, is a large sheet of strong , flexible, water-resistant, or waterproof material often clothes such as canvas or polyester coated with polyurethane.

Monsoon Shade

Monsoon Sheds in Mumbai have gained popularity like anything. It has emerged to protect the infrastructure from modernly built infrastructure.

Awnings & Canopies

The outdoor living areas in shed through the usage of canopies or awnings are equally beneficial. It can be upto 15 degrees cooler when protected from sunlight.


100 % Waterproof Shade made of CRC Pipe covered Color Pvc fabric coated. Thae use of gazebo is for rest during the day time, childrens games & equipment, indoor games. It is space saving and beautiful.

Temporary Monsoon Shades

Tempoaray Monsoon shades in mUmbai had gained alot of importance. People use thid type of sheds during monsoon to safegaurd their infrasture from rain.


It is light in weigth & long durable, due to its UV stablized technique, easy to use. It is made from HDE/PP material (woven fabric). It is mostly used in Nurseries & Farm houses, And also used in making baoundaries of your studio, farm houses, Building purposels, towers, Marriage mandap decorations.


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Meet our team

Pratik Gotecha

Being a flourished entrepreneur, Pratik Gotecha has been involved in Family business for years and dealt with many Events in the course of time. His sense of creativity and art lets him bring to the table.

Pratik Gotecha has Done well in the family business , He bought the business to the another level with the updated technology. He is Hardworking person and is very well known for his creative ideas and always stands with some new innovation which helps in nourishing the business from their mandap decoration company to a famed Tarpauline Monsoonshade business.

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Grah Vastu Bhandar,
34/3 station road ,
Malad west ,
Mumbai-400 064,
Maharashtra ,India.


+91 9987 8117 11